Wake Up With A Crick In The Neck?

Wake up with a crick in the neck this morning?
Find out why, and how to get it treated below.


So you woke up this morning, went through your routine yawning session, and as soon as you turn your head, a sharp pain hits you in the neck.
You try to shrug it off, get ready for work and hop in the car to start your day, but as soon as you turn your head to look in the rear view mirror, BAM, It hits you again.
You find yourself thinking “oh my gosh, what caused this, and when will it end?”.

The bad news for you is that although this usually will heal itself over time, it is unlikely to go away quickly by itself.
The good news is that it can be treated quickly and effectively through massage therapy.

“What caused this?”
The common pain often referred to as a “crick in the neck” or “text neck” is usually observed as a strain injury to a muscle or group of muscles, and occasionally the tendons and ligaments.
If your neck is healthy and happy, this won’t usually happen to you, but if your neck is not happy due to things like sitting at a desk all day, or for various other reasons, this is likely to plague you at least a few times throughout your life.

What has happened is that your neck for whatever reason has likely been working too hard, and when you slept in an awkward position last night, certain muscles in your neck decided to call it quits!
The most common root causes of this “crick in the neck” phenomenon are postural (e.g
“text neck”) and emotional (e.g being stressed).

Image displaying weight on your neck the more angle there is.



“When will it end?”
The answer to this question varies with each person, but most commonly, this problem will fix itself after a few days.
Unfortunately for many however, the old “crick in the neck” can stick around for well over a week if it is a particularly nasty case.
On top of that, even if the problem does go away after a few days, the root cause may not be addressed, thus the crick in the neck could return with a vengeance!

“Is there a fix?”
While we have to avoid the word “fix” in this industry, we can certainly can provide pain relief, and injury prevention if you have this condition.
The problem is that this is a strain injury, and there is no magic “fix” for a strained/injured muscle. The body needs to do the healing, and that requires some level of rest.

What we can do however, is provide relief from pain associated with this condition, and help your muscles to relax, assisting your body through the healing process.
The most beneficial part of remedial massage for this problem is that we can address the root cause of the problem, and help prevent the problem from occurring again.

You don’t have to push through the pain. You can make your neck happy and healthy again.
Come visit Tom at sunshine health to give that nasty “crick” the flick!



Tightness and Tension – Where they come from?

By Chi Yang

Where do the feelings of tightness and tension come from?

Long hours working with the same posture or repeating the same action over and over again.

Most people at some time in their lives, experience neck and shoulder soreness, stiff muscles, or Lower back pain. Do these sound familiar to you?
Today I am going to show you that there are some physical changes in your muscles that take place when you work long days, or constantly stay in some position for too long.
Eventually your muscles get used to the discomfort, and your muscles continue to endure, but sooner or later the tightness and tension catches up with you, knots get bigger, and you get that feeling of a “ stiff neck” or ”frozen shoulder ”.

 Take a look at the pictures below, showing examples from different types of jobs, and what muscles get tight or tensed. You might ask “are “tight” and “tensed” different?” Yes they are different.


Imagine two muscles opposite each other, both pulling against each other. When you use one muscle too much, it becomes tight (shorter), and pulls on the muscle opposite to it, which causes tension on the opposite muscle. Usually discomfort is felt in the tensed muscle, because it is being stretched and torn, as if it is losing a battle of tug of war. This is when you get knots.
An experienced therapist can feel and see which muscles are tight, and which muscles are tensed.


Tight muscles are usually the main muscles that you use the most. Using these muscles for long hours or heavy physical work causes them to reach endurance limit, causing hundreds of small tears in the muscle. When those tears heal, the muscle becomes stronger, but also tighter.
As an example, take a look at a “body builder with big biceps, look at how their arms always curve inwards toward their body, giving that “tough man” posture. This is a typical example of muscle tightness in the biceps. Typically these people would get sore on their triceps, and back of shoulder (the opposite of the biceps).


Tensed muscles are often where most people suffer discomfort. Sometimes the pain is so bad that you can barely walk, bend over or stand up without pain. They are the muscles that we usually use for holding our self in place, which means when you are bending over and carrying stuff, these muscles balance your body weight against gravity and against the muscles that are carrying an object. Don’t underestimate the energy and strength these muscles use, they are working hard to keep you balanced.


Tight and tensed muscles both need to be treated equally to help our body get back to the stage of harmony and balance. I am here to help remove pain and suffering from your life. Sometimes muscle pain can’t be avoided because of work, but sometimes the worst pain is not from what you do, but from what you can’t do.
Let me look after your health, so that you can do more, and experience less pain.
Call today and make a booking.   ~Chi Yang

fat loss or weight loss

Fat loss or weight loss?

By Antoinette Augustinus

When deciding on any kind of weight management, you need to distinguish between losing weight and losing fat.  Many low fat and calorie restricted diets produce disappointing long term results because this type of diet results in excessive muscle loss.


fat loss or weight loss

Why is this important to understand?  When muscle is lost, it reduces your metabolic rate, or ability to burn calories! As a result you have increased the likelihood of putting fat back on! This is the typical effect of yo-yo dieting. With each effort at this kind of dieting, it makes the situation worse as you are stuck in a cycle of losing muscle,  which often results in hormonal and metabolic disturbance leading to further fat gain.


Time to re-think our tactics!

The ‘SHAKE-IT’ program is designed  and proven for health, first and foremost. It avoids damaging muscle loss as it is a specific fat-loss program as opposed to a weight loss program. The low carbohydrate and moderate protein way of eating that this program teaches you, will turn things around in your body, helping it to run on its fat stores and preserving muscle mass. Your metabolism is better off than when you started instead of worse off.


The ‘SHAKE-IT’ program addresses the underlying metabolic factors that lead to failure: such as your cells’ insensitivity to insulin due to excessive carbohydrates in the diet, causing sugar cravings and risk of diabetes. Your pancreas tries to overcome this issue by producing more and more insulin, which, by the way, is a growth hormone and is also capable of stimulating existing tumour cells.


All in all a compelling reason to stop this cycle, isn’t it?

Antoinette feels passionate about helping overweight and obese patients re-gain control over their lives and health. She teaches you the principles of why the ‘SHAKE-IT’ program works so well, and helps you apply it quickly and easily. There are clear guidelines, quick delicious recipes and knowledge of how to live healthily for the rest of your life.

Apart from increased mobility and often less pain, you gain energy and most importantly: the skill to discern what works and doesn’t work in terms of food choices. This program is suitable also for children and for those who want to just keep well and fit by correcting early weight-gain.


Antoinette Augustinus HD ND consults at Sunshine Health on Saturday. She has resumed consultations for naturopathy/homeopathy and can accept a limited number of patients.  She uses the TGA approved SCENAR electro-dermal  technology to help with pain and mobility as well. Its effectiveness can be greatly enhanced by certain supplements and natural medicines.


good bacteria

Create more good bacteria & Be healthier & happier

By Mylinda Johnson,

Advanced Diploma of Herbal Medicine,
Master Hypnotherapist & Neuro-Linguistic Programming

The latest research shows that thinner, happier people have more good bacteria, and not just any old bacteria.

Researchers are now saying that new age health treatment plans could just well be specific strains of good bacteria. This research is ongoing and has already changed the way we deal with certain health issues. As we well know the health benefits of taking probiotics after antibiotics (which wipe out most of the good bacteria, allowing bad bacteria to overgrow, causing abdominal bloating, cramps and diarrhea). Do those symptoms sound similar to IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), and most of the general population’s digestive problems? 

good bacteria

Yes they do, and those health issues are usually due to diet (processed foods, high sugar, trans fats, non living foods) and lifestyle (stress, pollutants, medications etc). Other health issues researchers have found affected by an overgrowth of these bad bacteria are Skin conditions, Chronic fatigue syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Blood pressure problems, Learning disabilities, Depression, Anxiety, Immunity problems, Allergies, Psychiatric disorders and Digestive problems.

Gone are the days of just taking 1 or 2 probiotic strains eg: Lactobacillus acidophilus & Bifidobacteria strains. Now there are new probiotic strains specific for particular health outcomes. The reason for this is our gastrointestinal tract (gut) has over a trillion different bacteria, containing good and bad bacteria. To keep us healthy we need to keep the good bacteria and not let the bad bacteria override them or multiple health issues may arise. Probiotics taken orally can be destroyed by stomach acids, so now there are strains that have prebiotics (food for the good bugs) and probiotics to aid their survival into the gut where they are needed. Thanks to research & new technology now we have  products containing anything from 4 to 29 different strains of good bacteria.

If you would like get your health back on track, let’s get the right Friendly Bacteria back for you.                


the vicious cycle of anxiety

What’s behind your anxiety?

By Cameron Stirling, Naturopath

Anxiety is not a disorder itself, but a symptom of a variety of physical and psychological disorders. To treat it successfully, we need to find the cause, not just give band-aid treatment. Common causes of anxiety include: Deficiencies of magnesium, folate or B vitamins, Hyperthyroidism, Depression, Fibromyalgia, Hypoglycaemia, Irritable bowel syndrome, Adrenal insufficiency and hormonal imbalance.

the vicious cycle of anxiety

Females tend to produce more cortisol under stress, and during the pre-menstrual phase, and this disrupts neurotransmitters in the brain, contributing to anxiety. Also the Pill increases cortisol levels. The high histamine person sets high standards for herself, is driven, keeps her anxiety hidden from the world, and can “crash and burn”.

Emotions originate in physical sensations. A person might feel hot and cold due to an infection or have loose bowels due to IBS or be dizzy due to low blood sugar or have difficulty sleeping due to worry. She might interpret these sensations as anxiety and be “feeding” her anxiety via a vicious cycle.

So what we need to do is break this cycle. Instead of avoidance behaviours, one can learn to use coping behaviours like meditation, mindfulness, and better ways of thinking
A psychologist can help with this. The physical symptoms can be traced to their cause and treated with diet and natural remedies, so they’re no longer a driving factor. 

If you feel like anxiety is interfering with your life and you want a real solution, ask your doctor for some basic tests (liver function, blood count, thyroid function and urine analysis), and bring copies of the results to your consult with me.

I will do some other inexpensive tests to assess deficiencies, bacterial overgrowth and adrenal function and check your personal history and diet. Using your body’s innate healing capacity, and with the help of natural remedies and diet, we will be able to modify the driving factors and teach you some health-promoting habits. Anxiety can be a thing of the past!