fat loss or weight loss

Fat loss or weight loss?

By Antoinette Augustinus

When deciding on any kind of weight management, you need to distinguish between losing weight and losing fat.  Many low fat and calorie restricted diets produce disappointing long term results because this type of diet results in excessive muscle loss.


fat loss or weight loss

Why is this important to understand?  When muscle is lost, it reduces your metabolic rate, or ability to burn calories! As a result you have increased the likelihood of putting fat back on! This is the typical effect of yo-yo dieting. With each effort at this kind of dieting, it makes the situation worse as you are stuck in a cycle of losing muscle,  which often results in hormonal and metabolic disturbance leading to further fat gain.


Time to re-think our tactics!

The ‘SHAKE-IT’ program is designed  and proven for health, first and foremost. It avoids damaging muscle loss as it is a specific fat-loss program as opposed to a weight loss program. The low carbohydrate and moderate protein way of eating that this program teaches you, will turn things around in your body, helping it to run on its fat stores and preserving muscle mass. Your metabolism is better off than when you started instead of worse off.


The ‘SHAKE-IT’ program addresses the underlying metabolic factors that lead to failure: such as your cells’ insensitivity to insulin due to excessive carbohydrates in the diet, causing sugar cravings and risk of diabetes. Your pancreas tries to overcome this issue by producing more and more insulin, which, by the way, is a growth hormone and is also capable of stimulating existing tumour cells.


All in all a compelling reason to stop this cycle, isn’t it?

Antoinette feels passionate about helping overweight and obese patients re-gain control over their lives and health. She teaches you the principles of why the ‘SHAKE-IT’ program works so well, and helps you apply it quickly and easily. There are clear guidelines, quick delicious recipes and knowledge of how to live healthily for the rest of your life.

Apart from increased mobility and often less pain, you gain energy and most importantly: the skill to discern what works and doesn’t work in terms of food choices. This program is suitable also for children and for those who want to just keep well and fit by correcting early weight-gain.


Antoinette Augustinus HD ND consults at Sunshine Health on Saturday. She has resumed consultations for naturopathy/homeopathy and can accept a limited number of patients.  She uses the TGA approved SCENAR electro-dermal  technology to help with pain and mobility as well. Its effectiveness can be greatly enhanced by certain supplements and natural medicines.