Far Infrared Sauna

Detox, De-stress, Rejuvenate

Do you feel older than you’d like, tired, foggy in the brain, have difficulty losing weight or have vague health complaints? It's probably due to toxins.

There are now 80,000 man-made chemicals in existence, many of which we are absorbing from our air, water, food, plastics, cleaning agents, carpets, clothing, electrical appliances, furniture and car interiors. Toxins accumulate in our bodies. You may have toxins that have been in your system for decades.

Biopsy studies showed that 100% of people studied had the highly toxic chemicals dioxinPCBstyrenexylene and dichlorobenzene stored in their bodies!

If we want to be healthy and slow the ageing process while living amongst these toxins some form of detoxification is necessary. One of the most efficient ways to detox is with Far Infrared Saunas. People report feeling clean, refreshed and relaxed after their Far Infrared Sauna sessions. To make a real difference to your health you need to have 1 or 2 per week for 10 to 20 sessions.

All you need to do is phone to book a session which lasts about 3/4 hour. You have a hot shower first (we have rainwater), then 1/2 hour in the sauna then a cool shower to finish off. Bring 3 - 4 towels.

You can have sauna sessions on your own or with a friend. Costs are very reasonable at $20 for one person, $30 for two and $170 for 10 sessions. A Value Package is available, combining a sauna session and a one hour massage treatment for $95.

Use the Far Infrared Sauna to:

  • Prevent disease by dealing with the toxicity and stress of modern living
  • as part of your treatment for chemical sensitivity, fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Improve the effectiveness of your weight loss program
  • Improve skin tone and appearance
  • Get more benefit from your massage treatments

A brochure with more details is available at Sunshine Health, or call us on 5483 7688 to book your session.