Antoinette Augustinus

Antoinette Augustinus, NATUROPATH, SCENAR THERAPIST Gympie




Originally from the Netherlands, Antoinette graduated from The Lindlahr College, Johannesburg, in 1976 and registered with the South African Health Professions Board as a Doctor of Homoeopathy and Naturopathy.

After a few years in private practice she emigrated to Australia.  Antoinette has taught Homeopathy and presented postgraduate lectures nationally for Brauer Biotherapies.

Antoinette specialises in Scenar Therapy. (skilfully using a TGA listed electrodermal instrument to help re-connect the body’s nervous system feedback loop to assist in pain relief and general health ) and has worked with German orthopaedic surgeon and biomedical engineer, Dr. Gerd Raetzel who is a Scenar trainer.

Antoinette enjoys helping people and animals where she can, and in her spare time feels very content growing vegies with heritage seeds, going for dog and horse walks and re-connecting with old friends.

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