Cameron Stirling


BNat DipHM DipTM Member ANPA



Cameron studied Medicine at university for two years before becoming disenchanted with the mechanistic approach to health. Later he discovered the benefits of Herbal Medicine and Naturopathy and decided to study it himself.

Cameron believes that the human body is a remarkable creation, with the ability to heal from many kinds of hurts, insults and onslaughts, given the right kind of help. He sees his mission as endeavouring to read the body’s signals so as to identify where it is struggling and then giving it the help it needs to heal itself. He believes in the healing power of natural agents such as foods, herbs, nutrients and homeopathics. He has found that this approach to health has the power to turn people’s lives around.

He added Bowen Therapy to his bodywork repertoire several years ago and now uses it on all his ‘aches and pains’ clients. “That Tom Bowen really knew what he was doing”, he says. He and his wife Rosalind run Sunshine Health and enjoy gardening, singing in a choir and walks on the beach.

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