Michelle Carroll

Michelle Carroll


Bachelor of Health Science (Podiatry) M.APodA

Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) M.ANTA

Qualified Bowen Therapy Practitioner



I will listen to your concerns. If you have any hesitancy in regard to any treatment I suggest then I am very willing to talk to you about this and come up with differing treatment options. I have a very caring personality and understand that the best results come when you know you can feel comfortable with me, and that your concerns are heard and understood.


What does a Podiatrist do?

A podiatrist deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of conditions of the toes, feet, ankles and lower leg.

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Naturopathy is concerned with your lifestyle and food choices. Treatment options are 'practitioner-only' nutritional and herbal supplements as well as energetic remedies. If you are taking GP prescribed medications then this is taken into account and certain herbal or nutritional therapies may need to be excluded as potential treatment options due to this. Food choices can often be used as successful treatment options.


Bowen Therapy is an Australian derived body therapy. It is a light-touch therapy and can be used for children and adults. Bowen Therapy treatment can be sought for any pain condition. Because it is a light-touch therapy, it is especially popular with people with Fibromyalgia and for those who are sensitive to touch. If you prefer, you can remain fully clothed during a Bowen Therapy treatment. If this is the case then choose to wear a material which will allow for movement, such as cotton or elasticised material. Denim jeans does not allow for proper movement that is needed.


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