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Antoinette Augustinus, NATUROPATH, SCENAR THERAPIST Gympie



Antoinette Augustinus (HD ND) 


Antoinette has been a Naturopath/Homeopath since 1976 and now specialises in Scenar Therapy. She is a level 3 Scenar Therapist and has trained with German orthopedic surgeon Dr. Gerd Raetzel.

 The Scenar and Enar instruments are Russian technology medical devices registered/listed with the Therapeutic Goods Administration in Australia. It has a 40 year track record as valuable therapy in Russian hospitals and elsewhere in Europe it is used by medical doctors, physiotherapists and orthopaedic specialists for many conditions and is especially good for pain relief.

Scenar therapy explained

Scenar is such an unusual technology that many of my clients complain it is difficult for them to explain to others how it works. They just know that it works and want to convince friends who are in pain or have other health problems, to give it a go!

The Scenar device emits signals that are similar to our nerve signals. When applied to the skin it communicates with the nerves, helping to re-establish the connection between the problem area in your body and the brain. Our bodies have the capacity for self-healing and the Scenar treatment kick-starts the healing process. It switches you on!

This happens in real time during treatment and explains why pain relief can occur very rapidly and how a general sense of wellbeing often occurs overnight.

Long term problems take longer to respond than something that happened recently. Some bodies repair and respond quicker than others. This becomes obvious within just 2-3 treatments, and that determines how often you require treatment. The results tend to continue long-term with just the occasional maintenance treatment.

Sometimes all that is needed is Scenar, but at times some supplements will help to speed things up as you need building materials or lifestyle changes to repair. When the body is ‘switched on’ it utilises supplements or prescribed drugs much better.

So, no matter what ails you, Scenar tends to  optimise your inherent healing response. Either by itself or in conjunction with physio, natural therapy or medical treatment and it does so safely.

Clinical study

In Australia Macquarie University’s dept. of Chiropractic in Sydney conducted a pilot study on a group of patients with neck pain and disability with remarkable results that were sustained when patients were checked again after 6 months!

The technical stuff

The Scenar electro-dermal device has a unique dual electrode that interacts in real time with the C- fibres of your body’s nervous system. It is non invasive, painless and natural to the body. It detects where your nerve conductivity is inadequate, causing your brain to ignore problem areas in your tissues anywhere in the body. This feed-back loop tends to be quickly restored during treatment with rapid change in symptoms, as your normal self-healing response tends to kick in again: your body has some 3000 neuro-peptides available to send to the trouble spot. This not only takes care of pain in the tissues but usually appears to stimulate repair as well. So Scenar helps switch your body’s natural healing capacity back on.

How many treatments are needed?

The number of treatments required varies with the condition and each person, but after one to three half hour treatments once weekly, results tend to be obvious and further treatment may only be required less often in chronic conditions.

The more recent the complaint, the quicker the result! When nothing else has been of help, Scenar offers hope especially with pain due to any form of arthritis, neuralgia (including shingles) menstrual pain, trauma and after surgery. It tends to improve general well being and effectiveness of other therapies. It is compatible with medical treatment: your doctor may need to reduce medication as you improve.

Antoinette is available on Saturday at Sunshine Health.

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