Wake Up With A Crick In The Neck?

Wake up with a crick in the neck this morning?
Find out why, and how to get it treated below.


So you woke up this morning, went through your routine yawning session, and as soon as you turn your head, a sharp pain hits you in the neck.
You try to shrug it off, get ready for work and hop in the car to start your day, but as soon as you turn your head to look in the rear view mirror, BAM, It hits you again.
You find yourself thinking “oh my gosh, what caused this, and when will it end?”.

The bad news for you is that although this usually will heal itself over time, it is unlikely to go away quickly by itself.
The good news is that it can be treated quickly and effectively through massage therapy.

“What caused this?”
The common pain often referred to as a “crick in the neck” or “text neck” is usually observed as a strain injury to a muscle or group of muscles, and occasionally the tendons and ligaments.
If your neck is healthy and happy, this won’t usually happen to you, but if your neck is not happy due to things like sitting at a desk all day, or for various other reasons, this is likely to plague you at least a few times throughout your life.

What has happened is that your neck for whatever reason has likely been working too hard, and when you slept in an awkward position last night, certain muscles in your neck decided to call it quits!
The most common root causes of this “crick in the neck” phenomenon are postural (e.g
“text neck”) and emotional (e.g being stressed).

Image displaying weight on your neck the more angle there is.



“When will it end?”
The answer to this question varies with each person, but most commonly, this problem will fix itself after a few days.
Unfortunately for many however, the old “crick in the neck” can stick around for well over a week if it is a particularly nasty case.
On top of that, even if the problem does go away after a few days, the root cause may not be addressed, thus the crick in the neck could return with a vengeance!

“Is there a fix?”
While we have to avoid the word “fix” in this industry, we can certainly can provide pain relief, and injury prevention if you have this condition.
The problem is that this is a strain injury, and there is no magic “fix” for a strained/injured muscle. The body needs to do the healing, and that requires some level of rest.

What we can do however, is provide relief from pain associated with this condition, and help your muscles to relax, assisting your body through the healing process.
The most beneficial part of remedial massage for this problem is that we can address the root cause of the problem, and help prevent the problem from occurring again.

You don’t have to push through the pain. You can make your neck happy and healthy again.
Come visit Tom at sunshine health to give that nasty “crick” the flick!