good bacteria

Create more good bacteria & Be healthier & happier

By Mylinda Johnson,

Advanced Diploma of Herbal Medicine,
Master Hypnotherapist & Neuro-Linguistic Programming

The latest research shows that thinner, happier people have more good bacteria, and not just any old bacteria.

Researchers are now saying that new age health treatment plans could just well be specific strains of good bacteria. This research is ongoing and has already changed the way we deal with certain health issues. As we well know the health benefits of taking probiotics after antibiotics (which wipe out most of the good bacteria, allowing bad bacteria to overgrow, causing abdominal bloating, cramps and diarrhea). Do those symptoms sound similar to IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), and most of the general population’s digestive problems? 

good bacteria

Yes they do, and those health issues are usually due to diet (processed foods, high sugar, trans fats, non living foods) and lifestyle (stress, pollutants, medications etc). Other health issues researchers have found affected by an overgrowth of these bad bacteria are Skin conditions, Chronic fatigue syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Blood pressure problems, Learning disabilities, Depression, Anxiety, Immunity problems, Allergies, Psychiatric disorders and Digestive problems.

Gone are the days of just taking 1 or 2 probiotic strains eg: Lactobacillus acidophilus & Bifidobacteria strains. Now there are new probiotic strains specific for particular health outcomes. The reason for this is our gastrointestinal tract (gut) has over a trillion different bacteria, containing good and bad bacteria. To keep us healthy we need to keep the good bacteria and not let the bad bacteria override them or multiple health issues may arise. Probiotics taken orally can be destroyed by stomach acids, so now there are strains that have prebiotics (food for the good bugs) and probiotics to aid their survival into the gut where they are needed. Thanks to research & new technology now we have  products containing anything from 4 to 29 different strains of good bacteria.

If you would like get your health back on track, let’s get the right Friendly Bacteria back for you.                


Skin cancers

Preventing Skin Cancer

Skin cancersIn answer to questions about prevention of skin cancer…
I recommend Green Tea extract, Curcumin, Rosemary and Grape seed extract which are all in MediHerb’s Vitanox. Take 2 – 3 daily away from meals (eg 1 before breakfast and 2 before bed).  Also 150 mcg of Selenium daily, which is 0.5 ml of Selenosol. EPA from fish oil has also been shown to have a protective effect. I would advise a good quality concentrated fish oil; the cheap ones are contaminated with PCBs and mercury. You need to get the equivalent of 700 – 1000 mg of EPA. That’s 2 – 3 capsules of MH Enhance brand Omega 3 Forte.

If you’re exposed to potential carcinogens (toxic chemicals) in your work, Withania is a herb that prevents skin cancer induced by carcinogens. I’d recommend 2 daily of MediHerb’s Withania & Ginseng or Withania Complex if you’re a bit stressed and run down. For heavy chemical exposure I would recommend a visit to the naturopath for some advice and help on boosting your detoxifying capacity.

Foods that can help include beetroot (canned is OK) and garlic. Avoid margarines; they contain trans fatty acids which promote skin cancer.

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